Major Rule Changes
New Golf Rules will come into effect on 1 January 2019, please make yourself aware of the changes.

The major changes address:

  1. When Things Happen to Your Ball in Play
    • Ball at Rest Accidentally Moves
    • Replacing a Moved or Lifted Ball
    • Ball in Motion Accidentally Deflected
    • Ball is Struck More Than Once
  2. Taking Relief
    • Dropping a Ball in a Defined Relief Area
    • Lost Ball
    • Embedded Ball
    • Ball to Use in Taking Relief
  3. Specific Rules for Specific Areas of the Course
    • Putting Green
    • Penalty Areas
    • Bunkers
  4. Equipment You are Allowed to Use
    • Damaged Clubs
    • Damaged Ball
    • Distance-Measuring Devices
    • How You Prepare for and Make a Stroke
    • Promoting Faster Pace of Play
    •  Insisting on High Standards of Conduct and Trusting Player Integrity

See for all the changes and available resources.

A PDF overview of the Major Changes  can be found following this link.

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Course Status

Baan open : Ja
Qualifying : Ja
Handicarts : Ja
Green : Zomer
Drivingrange : Open
Putting green : Open
Handtrolly's : Ja