COVID-19 Instructions and Protocols for ESTEC Golf Club

The rules below have been derived from the ESTEC instruction on site-access and use of the on-site sport facilities. Further, the recommendation from the Dutch Government and Sports association NOC/NSF have been taken into account where relevant. ( The rules may change in the future as the situation around the coronavirus evolves or upon request from ESTEC management. With the measures in place, and a strong appeal to all participants to follow the instructions, we can hopefully assure a safe and permanent return to golf on the ESTEC grounds.

In March 2020, as a precaution and in consultation with the RIVM, the NGF advised all golf courses to remove materials such as bunker rakes, trash cans and ball washers from the course.

In mid 2020 it was advised that that clubs can put these materials back. The NGF indicate after extensive consultation with experts, these materials are allowed back in the course with the disclaimer that there is always a small to very small risk of contamination. Therefore, members should bring their own personal hand sanitizer when playing at ESTEC for use after touching any of the above.

ESTEC Golf Club Rules

General information on ESTEC Access for sports clubs allowed to resume activities:

  1. Outside ESTEC sports facilities will be open for all badge holders, Mon-Fri 17:00-21:00 and Sat-Sun 9:00-21:00.
  2. Golfers must stay home if in the past 24 hours you had (even mild) symptoms of: Flu, cold, shortness of breath or fever;
  3. ESCAPE remains closed. No gathering, no events, no drinks etc.;
  4. Bring your own bottle of water;
  5. Come to the sports location in sportswear. Dressing rooms at present are closed. You can´t take a shower either;
  6. Players must not turn up more than 10 minutes before their planned start time;
  7. At all times maintain the standard social distancing of 1.5 meter while on site;
  8. Follow instructions by ESTEC Security.
    • Before First visit the to ESTEC; “the Covid-19 self-declaration for site access for on-site personnel” has to be filled-in and submitted to security by e-mail.
    • First access to ESTEC goes through the standard ad-hoc entry process. (see leaflet “Return to ESA ESTEC”);
  9. Concerning the wearing of face masks, it is compulsory on site. Especially, indoor (corridors, bathrooms, check-Inn hut…) and outdoor if physical distancing cannot be done & in crowded areas.
  10. Hand sanitisers will be placed around the Check-Inn hut and Training Centre.
  11. The sanitary facilities in the Training Centre (Y Building) will be available. The ECO toilet at hole 4 is not available until further notice.

Rules for playing on the Golf Course:

  1. You may only play when you have registered in the Golf Club Proware system.
    • No tee times will be given anymore.
  2. Only use your own equipment;
  3. Maximum size of a flight is 2 persons.
  4. The practice facilities can be used for warm-up purposes only;
  5. Holes will be made shallow to minimise further contact.
  6. Rakes in the bunkers and ball-washers have been placed back and can be used again. Placing in the bunkers is therefore no longer allowed; players should bring their own personal hand sanitizer when playing and sanitize their hands after touching a bunker rake or ball-washer and before touching anything else (such as their golf club, bag or face).
  7. It is allowed to remove the flag from the hole; As with rakes or ball washers players should bring their own personal hand sanitizer when playing and sanitize their hands after touching a flag stick and before touching anything else (such as their golf club, bag or face).
  8. The usual shaking of hands after a round is a no-go these days naturally;
  9. Limited use of the Check-Inn hut is allowed, but should be avoided as far as possible. There should never be more than 1 person inside the check-inn hut at any given time;
  10. Scorecards can be submitted online in Proware or through the app as much as possible. Please limit the submission of the paper scorecards; Competitions must be entered in the Proware system at directly after your round and the card placed in the scorecard box.

From the committee