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Info: World Handicap System (WHS) in 2021

Update 23/02/2021: On March 1 the WHS will become active and the EGA handicaps will disappear. On February 26 no handicap adjustments will take place. Any qualifying cards entered on that day will be processed during the weekend. The weekend of 27 February will be the last time competitions will be held with your EGA handicap. For the WHS the NGF has distributed new handicap tables that will be in use starting March 1:

WHS Handicap Tables EGC Men 18 and 9 holes

WHS Handicap Tables EGC Ladies 18 and 9 holes

Latest info on the introduction of the WHS can be found here.


Update 21/01/2021: A digital Q&A was held on January 15 by the NGF. You can get all info (in Dutch) about this event here.

Update 18/01/2021: Preliminary WHS handicaps are published on digital NGF card and in club software. The published WHS handicaps are subject to change until finalized on March 1.

On October 7 the NGF held a webinar on the new World Handicap System (WHS) that will be introduced in The Netherlands in January 2021. Interested persons can read the presentation (in Dutch) here

Further information can be found on:

NGF website (in Dutch)

WHS website (in English)

For any questions about the WHS you can contact our Handicap Secretary: Klaus Ludwig

ESTEC Golf Course closure/re-opening news

Update 15/01/2021:

Golf course will re-open on Saturday 23/1/2021. Access will be re-opened during weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) under the same conditions / agreements / procedure as last year. Maximum flight size of 2 persons (exceptions for people <18 yrs or persons from the same household).

This access is subject to (sudden) change of NL and ESA policies


Update 15/12/2020:

  • On the weekend 19/20 December golf will still be possible at ESTEC. Maximum flight size is 2 persons (exceptions for people <18 yrs or persons from the same household).
  • ESTEC Christmas closure has been extended and will now last from December 21 until January 18. No club activity is allowed on site during this extended Christmas Closure period.

Planned competitions and events will be re-scheduled as much as possible.


Update 18/11/2020:

Following the press conference from the Dutch Government yesterday we can inform you that the maximum flight size will go back to 4 persons starting this weekend.


Update 04/11/2020:

Golf is now restricted to the weekends and following the additional Covid Measurements in The Netherlands we are restricting flight sizes to a maximum of 2 persons until further notice. Exceptions are for children younger than 18 and people from the same household. More info available on the NGF website


Update 21/09/2020: Updated Hours

– Weekends Sat – Sun (all members):  09:00 – 21:00
– Weekdays Mon-Fri (active personnel only):    17:00 – 21:00


Update 30/7/2020:

We have received the very good news that ESTEC have revised the site access restrictions allowing now all badge holders to play golf in the weekends (starting from coming weekend):

  • All badge holders members may play a round of golf in weekends 09:00 to 21:00
  • Active staff may (as now) also play on weekdays from 18:00 to 21:00
  • No use of Social Guest cards: Badge holders only!

An email has gone to all members with the details. IMPORTANT: Before your first visit back to ESTEC please complete and return the form attached to the sent mail


Update 13/7/2020: New hours:

– Weekends Sat – Sun:  09:00 – 21:00
– Weekdays Mon-Fri:    18:00 – 21:00

  • Still only for active Emplyees, registration remains mandatory through the existing process;
  • Still no access will be granted to external member (pensioners, family members etc.). This decision is expected to be re-evaluated no sooner than August.


Update 11/6/2020: The ESTEC Golf club COVID protocols can be read here. (Updated 30/7/2020)


Update 10/6/2020: Instructions for the booking of tee times has been distributed via mail, or read the instructions here


Update 5/6/2020: The course will partly re-open during the weekends starting Saturday 13 June. Access to ESTEC is initially only granted to active employees. An email has been sent to all members, or read the full message here


Update 7/5/2020: Starting 11 May the Dutch government has decided that outdoor sports, including golf, will be allowed again. However, we have been informed by SSCC that until further notice the ESTEC sports facilities are to remain closed. Later this month further infomation is expected about the possible re-opening of the ESTEC sports clubs. So for now we have to ask you again to remain patient as the situation evolves. We will keep you informed when news reaches us.

Due to the necessary measures taken by the Dutch Government and ESTEC management to battle the coronavirus outbreak in The Netherlands our course is closed until further notice. The Dutch government is currently putting these measures in place until May 19. If anything changes in this date members will be notified by email and through this website.

All club activities planned  are placed on hold until further notice, but per event it will be seen if a re-schedule is possible.

Take care of yourselves and each other an let’s hope we can play golf again soon!