Update 23/02/2021: On March 1 the WHS will become active and the EGA handicaps will disappear. On February 26 no handicap adjustments will take place. Any qualifying cards entered on that day will be processed during the weekend. The weekend of 27 February will be the last time competitions will be held with your EGA handicap. For the WHS the NGF has distributed new handicap tables that will be in use starting March 1:

WHS Handicap Tables EGC Men 18 and 9 holes

WHS Handicap Tables EGC Ladies 18 and 9 holes

Latest info on the introduction of the WHS can be found here.


Update 21/01/2021: A digital Q&A was held on January 15 by the NGF. You can get all info (in Dutch) about this event here.

Update 18/01/2021: Preliminary WHS handicaps are published on digital NGF card and in club software. The published WHS handicaps are subject to change until finalized on March 1.

On October 7 the NGF held a webinar on the new World Handicap System (WHS) that will be introduced in The Netherlands in January 2021. Interested persons can read the presentation (in Dutch) here

Further information can be found on:

NGF website (in Dutch)

WHS website (in English)

For any questions about the WHS you can contact our Handicap Secretary: Klaus Ludwig