The EGC Monthly Competition (“the monthly”) is held every month on Sunday, (normally the first Sunday of the month). All members of the EGC are eligible to play. They may introduce greenfee paying guests (20,- Euro) if there are enough tee times available. Guests may not win prizes other than “nearies”.

Players with Exact Handicaps of 21.9 or lower (Category 1) play a strokeplay competition. Players with Exact Handicaps greater than 22.0 (Category 2) play a Stableford competition. For the purposes of the competition, the maximum number of ‘Strokes Received’ shall correspond to an Exact Handicap of 36.0. Ladies from Red = 35, from Yellow 39 strokes, Men from Red = 30, from Yellow = 32 strokes.

The score cards will normally be treated as qualifying cards for handicap adjustment purposes, but for this purpose the players’ true Exact Handicaps (up to 54) will be used.

To play you have to register in EGC Proware under the listed Monthly. This is possible usually from about 1 month before and up to the Thursday (to 18:00 hrs) before the monthly.

At the time you register, if not a shotgun start, you may select your tee time slot, Early-Medium-Late, and always either Red or Yellow tee. Note: You have to play from the tee color selected in Proware.

You MUST PAY or HAVE PAID the competition fee: 5,- Euro/month or 25,- Euro/year (12 monthlies) via the EGC bank account.

On the Friday before the monthly a start list will be circulated by email. It will be assumed that the competitors will tee-off at the time or starting hole allocated and no further reminder will be provided.

If you can’t play, please inform the organizer asap.

After play, please enter your score into Proware and bring, signed score cards to ESCAPE.

Prize giving included Neary/Longest will take place at ESCAPE shortly after the competition, usually within 1 hour from receipt of the last score card.

Prizes will be awarded for:
• Category 1 Winner, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places
• Category 2 Winner, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places
• 5 Nearies for all, and Longest Drives on hole 2 for ladies, on hole 3 for men.

In the event of a tie, the player with the best last 9 holes shall win. If the players are still even then the player with the best last 6 holes shall win, then the last 3 holes, then the last hole. Then the player with the lowest handicap. After that we call it a tie.

From the results of each monthly the following points are awarded in Category 1 for the Ebbesen Trophy and Category 2 for the Linsley Trophy:


Also from the results the gross scores for Category 1 players are recorded for the Tomaselli Trophy and for Category 2 players, points are awarded for each, Par = 1 point, Birdie = 2 points, Eagle = 3 points, for the RHS Trophy.

Each competitor’s points are accumulated and at the end of the year the sum of the best 6 results of each competitor is taken. For Category 1, the winner of the Ebbesen Trophy is the competitor with most points and the winner of the Tomaselli Trophy is the competitor with the lowest gross score. For Category 2, the winner of the Linsley Trophy is the competitor with the most points and the winner of the (Reno Harboe Sorensen), RHS Trophy is the competitor with most RHS points.

If two players end up with the same year score there will be two winners for that category.

Reno Harboe Sorensen, EGC Competition Secretary (MMXXIII).