The principal ESTEC Golf Course is a 9-hole course with a length (over 18 holes) of 3230 metres (yellow tees) and 2916 metres (red tees). It has two par 4 holes, the other seven being par 3s. There are ponds and raised ‘dune’ areas which form significant obstacles. The greens are relatively small and the fairways quite narrow.

In 2024 we have followed through on a proposal to implement ‘orange’ tee boxes. For high handicappers, juniors and new players, where the ponds on holes 3 and 6 and the ditch across hole 2 represent significant hazards, we have installed forward orange tee boxes. For holes 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9, the red and orange tees are the same.

Thus, we have a ‘parallel’ Par 3 course on the same real estate with length of 2388 metres and a par of 54 for 18 holes. Those playing off the orange tees, can have a quicker round, avoid the long walk back from hole 2 to hole 3, and in particular avoid the frustration of losing then searching for balls.

Although short, both courses are sufficiently long to count as ‘qualifying’ courses for the purpose of the World. Handicap System. Scorecards from the ESTEC courses are therefore fully transferable to and from other courses.

The course is maintained to a high standard, according to an ecological plan, by a contractor, under the supervision of the Club’s Course Managers. Although there can be drainage problems in wet weather, the course is in principle open for the whole year. Changes to the course status (open/closed) are announced by email and shown on the website.

The course record on the principal course is held by Nick McCrow who, on Sunday 1 August 2004 during the Monthly Competition, improved his previous course record (which had stood for five years) from 59 strokes to 58 strokes (level par).