Please make a note in your diary for the seventh EGC 3 Club competition to be held on Sunday 9 October 2022. Thankfully, no Covid-19 restrictions this year so we will be back to a shotgun start and it should be much more a social and fun occasion.

As in earlier years it will feature an individual and a team event.

In brief:
– only 3 clubs of any description to be used and carried in the bag, (penalty – disqualification if more) (note: a putter is a club)
– choice of play from red or yellow tees, as usual
– format will be Stableford (non-qualifying)
– playing handicap will be limited at exact handicap 40.0
– there will be some form of nearie on every hole.


The teams will be those as in the 2022 Colin Rolls Trophy, i.e. Andy Caps, Babes and the Boys, Friday’s Men and Mulligans.

Players who are not affiliated to one of these teams are encouraged to sign-up for the event, especially those with higher handicaps we don’t see very often in competitions. At the discretion of the organisers, these will form another team or be seconded to one of the above.

The sign-up will be open on Proware shortly with the number of players limited to 36, first come, first served.

We will have a shotgun start at 13:00. Please come to Escape by 12:15 for cards and flight information and pay €5.00 per person on arrival for soup and broodjes available after the round.

An historical hole-in-one will be celebrated in the time-honoured manner.

Start thinking about the best 3 clubs to use and maybe get some practice with those.

And CRT team captains, start getting your team members to sign up for this prestigious event.


Brian Taylor and Wil Spangenberg